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Why You Should Book a Consultation with a Digital Marketing Company Today

Let me ask you a question: where do you get most of your business’s customers? Is it by hanging up flyers at the local city mall, running a tv ad campaign, or through internet visitors to your website? I bet big bucks that it’s the latter because the nature of marketing has evolved massively. Today, consulting a digital marketing company is the best way to boost your business.

Today, customers live and breathe digital. The new order starts with a ‘www,’ with most users greeting the day by checking their email, instead of plain, old letter mail.

As such, digital marketing is an indispensable ingredient of your marketing recipe, and a Digital Marketing Company is the chef that is going to cook you up a treat of an online campaign.

Now, you might be thinking:

“I have killer blog content. I post on social media extensively. I even have an amazing automated email marketing system. Why do I need a professional consultation?”

The answer is: because it isn’t as easy as it seems. You might be running your strategy, but the results are likely to be subpar at best. A Professional Digital Marketing Company can expand your business’s digital footprint to exceptional levels using several tactics. Here’s how:

Digital Marketing Company Creates A Customized Marketing Campaign

An online marketing agency will assess your business needs and resources to create a long-term plan that maximizes conversions. It won’t be identical to any other business’s strategy; indeed, the same size competitor as you could have a very different plan depending on a multitude of factors.

The company will tailor your campaign after collecting information regarding your marketing goals, target buyer, products or services, business environment, and expected ROI. The final strategy may have a greater focus on search engine optimization (SEO) if your website has high sales potential but low visibility. Or, it could be geared towards online reputation management if your brand requires further awareness and promotion.

Whatever the end-product, the target will be to gain specific and measurable revenue growth for your business, tracked by various KPIs for each marketing medium.

Thus, the consultation will be extensive and will identify any distinguishing features that will make your business stand out.

It Focuses On Your Buyers, Not Your Product

A common mistake made by amateur digital marketers is to carry out product-geared promotion, rather than buyer-geared marketing. This often involves spammy tactics that the audience finds impersonal and put them off from purchasing. A survey commissioned by EMarketer, a US-based research company, discovered that 90% of consumers find some form of digital ads annoying.

An Internet marketing firm will have an exclusively user-centric approach, as it is aware that conversions are the ultimate goal of any business. In the consultation, it will ask you who your target customer is, how aware they are of their problem, how motivated they are to buy your product, and what actions they take on your site, among other queries.

If you don’t know some of the answers, don’t worry. The agency will work rigorously to identify your buyer persona(s), using research, social media analysis, and questionnaires. These personas will form the base of every marketing strategy moving forward.

It Helps You Generate Every Possible Lead

A key advantage of getting a professional consultation is that the marketing company can probe into business opportunities previously undiscovered and capitalize on them to boost your online exposure.

The agency will analyze your audience demographics to identify untargeted users who could easily be converted into high-value customers. It may be a potential buyer segment in California, even if your local business is located in New Jersey, or a global client interested in your services.

The agency will also conduct an audit of your existing platforms to identify under-optimized content that could contribute to high traffic and lead generation if it were refurbished and updated. According to Curata, 29% of leading marketers reuse old material, which speaks to the strategy’s effectiveness.

It Accounts For Contingencies

Perhaps the most significant advantage of hiring a digital marketing company to do the online heavy lifting is that that they plan as if their job depends on it (which it does). They don’t merely factor in your business data to draw up a campaign, but also account for industry changes, economic forecasts, digital trends and algorithm updates to ensure you don’t lose out on any opportunity.

According to a 2017 Content Marketing Institute survey, only 46% of organizations had a properly documented content strategy. That demonstrates the inadequacy of marketing management and how returns are wasted away due to a lack of planning.

Digital Marketing Agency Benefits

An internet marketing agency will create a long-term campaign for you to follow for each customer communication platform. It will further segment this plan into short-term strategies to achieve business ‘quick-wins’ and gradually edge it towards higher industry authority, buyer traffic, and maximized ROI.

Digital marketing companies provide a variety of services, so you can choose to get as many aspects of your online strategy optimized as you wish. You have the luxury to get an expert’s insight, and pitch in your preferences to make sure your business gets the personalized attention it needs. Still not convinced? Try it out for yourself. Book a free consultation with GoDigital World today, and get custom marketing recommendations at reasonable prices.

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