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9 Reasons Why You Should Hire an SEO Agency in US for Online Marketing

61% of marketers believe that improving SEO and expanding their organic web presence is their absolute inbound marketing priority. This reaffirms what we have always said: SEO is as crucial to businesses today as it has been since the web revolution of the mid-2000s. Arguably, even more so.

Web tech has expanded exponentially over the past decade, with video, voice, and mobile search entering the space along with conventional text-based search. Users want bigger, brighter, and bolder, and it is getting increasingly difficult to catch their eye amongst all the clutter.

That’s where an SEO agency can be of immense help to your business. Such agencies can work beyond an in-house SEO specialist’s capacity due to their multi-member teams of experts, tons of industry experience, and advanced platforms.

Whether you have just launched your startup and are looking for SEO help or have an existing website in desperate need of a revamp, an SEO agency in US is the right way to go.

Here’s why:

1)    SEO Agency in US can dive into the technical end of SEO

Most SEO novices usually focus on the “pretty” side of the digital marketing element. They believe that using the right keywords, structure, and metadata should be enough to propel a page to SEO popularity.

WordPress-based SEO extensions such as Yoast indeed make on-page SEO seem like a walk in the park, but don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all your website needs.

Technical SEO is priority number 1 when it comes to site optimization. It determines whether a visitor to your website will stay long enough actually to go through the on-page SEO you have performed. 

Suppose your site has poor loading speed, a clutter of non-functioning JavaScript, or worse, a non-mobile-friendly interface. In that case, chances are you’ve lost at search engine optimization even before you began.

In their teams, SEO agencies have web developers who are aware of the implications of technical SEO. They know which background site elements should be removed, minimized, or enhanced for higher Google rankings, all the while maintaining its on-page attractiveness.

2)    They have extensive networks for Off-page SEO

If you have had a conversation with anyone regarding SEO, chances are they mentioned backlinking to boost site rankings. The more backlinks a page has, the more organic traffic it receives from Google, as such links serve to be an essential ranking factor in Google’s algorithm.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as making another mini-site and posting links back to your original site to it. This method of obtaining backlinks has long been debunked by Google’s experts, who have reasserted that the quality of backlinks matters a lot more than their quantity.

This means that a single link from a high authority domain, such as a DA 93 site, is worth more than getting hundreds of links from a low authority domain, such as a DA 40 site.

Having worked with multiple clients across various industries, SEO agencies have a vast network of editors, bloggers, and business owners they know who will agree to feature do-follow backlinks to your site, increasing Google status and organic traffic.

An SEO agency’s contribution to your off-page SEO may be significant enough to propel your site’s domain authority up into the 80s and bring in long-term ROI for your business.

3)    They have access to specialized SEO platforms

The AI revolution in modern data collection and analytics has significantly streamlined the SEO process for those who can afford advanced technology. Today, most SEO agencies either have their own specialized SEO platforms or purchase integrated software that combines several SEO and marketing functions into one interface.

Small businesses usually take up subscriptions to SEO software, such as Moz or Ahrefs, to conduct basic site audits and keyword checks. However, they don’t get their full ROI from such tools simply because they don’t understand how to use them.

Merging an SEO agency’s expertise with such AI-based software is a powerful combination. Not only will your business benefit from their keen insights into its online presence, but they will also use audience analytics to continually evaluate the results of their strategies and change up whenever traffic seems to be falling.

Moreover, they will consistently keep you in the loop via detailed monthly reports on their strategies and efficacy. That way, you can ensure that the progress is aligned with your business goals.

4)    SEO is no small feat

Between finding backlinks, optimizing page code, and finding the right keywords to target, SEO can be an exhaustive task. The strategy also has to collaborate with content marketing, PPE, social media management, and other tasks that any business inevitably undertakes.

That’s why outsourcing this vital job to a professional online marketing agency is a great idea, especially considering SEO’s profitability.

If done right, it can help you attain lots of organic traffic that can double your revenue within months.

5)    Hiring an agency is more cost-effective

If you choose to do SEO yourself, it will take you months to acquire enough training to manage the task in its entirety, and even then, you’re likely to make mistakes. Investing in SEO software like Ahrefs and Semrush can entail monthly subscriptions to tools you’re not sure how to use.

If you go a different way and hire an in-house SEO expert, you will get much better servicing – but there’s a catch.

Since SEO is such a vast and ever-expanding field, in-house experts are usually limited to one aspect. They might be fantastic in on-page optimization but might not know how to fix off-page glitches.

An SEO agency will know it all – they have teams of experts specializing in various disciplines and can get your site the all-around care it needs.

Lone SEOs charge $150/hour for their services, but this naturally amounts to more hours in its entirety due to their workload.  Depending on the services offered, a digital marketing agency will charge anywhere between $750 to $5000 per month on retainer.

This involves superior analytics, monthly progress reports, and revenue tracking dashboards, along with other added perks, making the investment a lot more cost-effective than hiring a single expert.

6)    They know Google best

SEO agencies always keep an eye open for changes in Google algorithms because they happen often, and they happen fast.

According to industry estimates, Google modifies its algorithm about 500 to 600 times a year. Only with a watchful eye on traffic stats and consistent tweaks to strategies can a business ensure that it stays search engine relevant. This is why having an agency on a monthly retainer is incredibly beneficial.

7)    They can keep up with evolving technologies

Google has introduced some significant updates over the years, such as the precedence of mobile search over desktop search and the introduction of voice-based search. These have shifted the SEO landscape – everything from the keywords used to the site’s user interface (UX) are affected by new search technologies.

SEO agencies refurbish old content and devise new content that fits in with these developments.

They ensure that your audience’s changed modes of search, from text to voice, don’t lead to a downgraded SERP ranking or lower page authority. Similarly, mobile-dominated search means that websites need to be incredibly adaptable to smaller devices, have top speed, and have a simple yet interactive design.

8)    They integrate SEO with other marketing strategies

SEO isn’t the only strategy you need to invest in.

Social media is a major contributor to click-throughs to your site, while content marketing helps create premium content that users want to see. Web and graphic design ensure your website is interactive and engaging, while email marketing helps generate leads via personalized communication.

The best part of hiring SEO agencies is to ensure all these various digital marketing functions interact to produce the optimal promotional plan for your business.

Their SEO platforms possess multi-faceted user interfaces that collect essential data from all traffic sources and derive insights about what audiences to target, what content to create, and where to post it.

9)    They can help you meet your profitability targets

The right SEO agency won’t work for you, but with you, every step of the way. They would ask you questions about your business’s profitability targets, audience, product nature, and marketing budget. After gaining a solid understanding of your business model, they plan suitable strategies to attain such revenue and profitability goals.

Moreover, such agencies will also set clear expectations from the onset – they won’t overpromise or underdeliver. Suppose you have a smaller web presence and a nascent site. In that case, your traffic growth will be slower, but if you have a developed site with a significant social media following, capitalizing on SEO would be a lot quicker.

How can GoDigitalWorld Help you?

We know that SEO isn’t a piece of cake, especially for those aspirational business owners with excellent ideas but little experience in the digital marketing realm.

We are here to help.

At GoDigital World, we provide professional search engine optimization services to businesses worldwide due to our access to remote and local specialists.

Our central focus is on ensuring that each client’s unique value shines through. For that purpose, we conduct comprehensive industry and customer research to familiarize ourselves with their requirements and create a thorough site optimization strategy to implement.

Our SEO agency in US has On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO experts working cohesively to implement a result-driven side-wide strategy. No optimization opportunities are left unnoticed.

That means your site will have a keyword-rich copy backed with thorough research, high-quality links, and the right kind of media to capture and keep their attention.

For more information about our trove of SEO services, contact us at +1-609-323-5507 or get a quote today.

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