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7 Genius SEO Tricks From an SEO Agency in US That Your Users (and Google) will Love

There’s no denying it: SEO can be tricky business.

You have to optimize meta tags, build links, clean site code, insert rel canonicals, develop robots.txt. I hope you haven’t wandered off already.

Often webmasters get so overwhelmed by these tasks that they tend to lose sight of the real purpose of SEO.

Sure, search engine optimization is conducted to rank as high up on the SERPs as possible. But Google isn’t some naïve 6-year old who’ll see a shiny toy and come running. To truly entice it, your site must have topical relevance, i.e.; it should provide the user with the information they are looking for. GoDigital World will assist you as an SEO agency in US for your business.

This is an essential criterion as a stellar site with optimized title tags, and a strong link profile isn’t going to be rank-worthy if it doesn’t provide the user some unique value.

Juggling both the search engines’ and the audience’s demands can be challenging. Luckily, we’ve prepared this list of white-hat, foolproof tricks to help you balance both those relationships perfectly.

Let’s get started.

1.     Don’t give your everything, learn more with SEO agency in US 

That’s right. SEO is predominantly a guessing game because Google’s algorithms update frequently, and often without warning. It takes between 500 to 600 changes every year, which means your site is never fully optimized at any point in time. 

You can interpret major algorithmic adjustments by tracking the MozCast, an innovative tool developed by SEO software company Moz, which represents the volatility in ranking criteria by changes in temperature.

However, staying at Google’s heels isn’t enough. A well-rounded digital marketing campaign builds one strategy on top of another to create the perfect customer outreach plan.

Without awesome content, your site wouldn’t have any additional value to offer the customer. They would just bounce away to the next page that gives them the needed information. Without social media interaction, they wouldn’t recognize your brand as trustworthy. Without promotional reminders in their emails, they would have no incentive to become brand evangelists. So, choose an SEO agency in US wisely.

Remember, SEO is no use if it doesn’t help the user.

2.     Hop in with the trends 

In SEO, it’s best to follow the crowd. All you have to do is to type in your keyword into Google Search and see the content your competitors prepared for it. Google considers these Top 10 pages extremely high value to the user, which is why fashioning something similar is just good sense. 

Of course, you shouldn’t copy every word your competitor has written. But getting an idea of the type of content to produce can help you grasp the searcher intent behind the query and the right answers to provide.

For example, the keyword’ chocolate milk’ seems ambiguous.

Does the searcher want a recipe for chocolate milk?

Or do they want to know the benefits of chocolate milk?

Or maybe, they want to buy chocolate milk? 

It turns out; the first guess hits the jackpot. Searchers want a recipe for delicious, creamy chocolate milk, and that’s the type of content you should produce to get them to click through.

However, there is still the teensy complication of needing to stand out. We’ve got a solution for that too.

Just visit Google Trends, and type in your keyword. Apply geographical and time filters, and bingo! You’ll get some excellent keywords to incorporate into your post. You’ll also get to know when people usually search for that content, and thus time it ideally to attract the most traffic it can.

For example, typing in ‘Chocolate Milk’ on Google Trends, setting the location to ‘United States’, and time range to ‘past 5 years’, gives the following graph:

It’s evident that people particularly enjoy drinking chocolate milk in the winter, and so publishing your content in that season would be a good idea.

Moreover, the related topic and queries section shows some high-potential ideas that can make your post stand out:

‘Chocolate almond milk recipe?’ Count us in!

3.     Do customer research, instead of keyword research

Remember, some machine doesn’t formulate keywords. They represent the user’s needs, and if interpreted effectively, provide guidelines for producing killer content. Instead of putting your seed keywords into software that spits out related queries, put them before the customer.

The best way to do that is by scouring public forums and social media. Reddit threads related to your keyword can be a goldmine and help identify customer pain points that were previously unknown.

Continuing with our previous example, here’s a Reddit thread for the topic ‘Chocolate Milk’:

You can also use Quora, Facebook Groups, Instagram hashtags, and even the comments section of your competitors’ posts to highlight unaddressed queries. Then, all you have to do is compile them and get to work! GoDigital World, the SEO agency in US can make things more productive for your business by handling customer research.

4.     Build high authority, relevant links via Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the hub of information about any and everything. That’s why both Google and your users will appreciate a link from the site to you. Even though these links are traditionally ‘nofollow,’ i.e., they do not contribute to search rankings; they still help generate user traffic and boost site authority in Google’s eyes.

There are many ways to discover potential Wikipedia links. You can use the following search query to find dead links for your relevant topics:

site:wikipedia.org “Your Keyword” “dead link.”

Searching for “chocolate milk” gives the following results:

You could also use a link retriever tool such as WikiGrabber to fetch them for you.

Or, you could refer to this Wikipedia article, which lists all its dead links.

After identifying these links, see if you have any content that could support the unbacked statement. If not, you may have to come up with a brand-new post that addresses the subject thoroughly. Submit it to Wikipedia, and wait for approval by the moderation team. Once they deem it a useful resource on the topic, your site will be another step closer to achieving E-A-T status.

5.     Outlink, Outlink, Outlink!

Contrary to popular belief, linking to your competitors’ pages isn’t a poor tactic. Of course, they would benefit from having another link to their site, but so would you! This is because your post would immediately become a credible, well-rounded resource on the topic, and become a Google AND user favorite.

Outlinking can help you build a brand image centered on user experience, since you would include everything that would help the searcher resolve their queries, regardless of the source. Moreover, they would see you as an expert on the topic because of your comprehensive research. As a result, they would recommend you to others, becoming brand evangelists.

At the same time, your competitors are more likely to link to you if you link to them, boosting your site’s domain authority and strengthening its profile.

Google’s all-seeing eye notices all this, and due to the high topical relevancy and authority of your site, it rewards you a higher SERP ranking! SEO agency in US like GoDigital World can help your business achieve its SEO goals effectively within a minimal time period.

6.     Think Big – and Write Big With GoDigital World

A study conducted by Backlinko analyzing 1 million Google search results discovered that longer-form content tends to perform better in rankings than shorter content:

Specifically, you should write a post at least 1800 words deep to make it sing truly.

This is because longer posts cover a topic more comprehensively, providing rich data that answers many of the user’s questions altogether. As a result, they don’t have to bounce to another page to get more information about the subject.

Moreover, since its lengthier, such content is more likely to be filled with semantic and related keywords that enhance Google’s ability to interpret its subject. As a result, it considers it a highly relevant, useful resource for searchers and up the rankings you go.

7.     Don’t overdo it with the Multimedia 

It’s a visual world. Searchers want vivid images, interactive videos, and super dynamic interfaces—the more media, the better, right?

Well, not really.

Multimedia is incredible, as long as it doesn’t take a toll on a vital element of your SEO: Page speed.

When a user clicks through to a page, their browser attempts to fetch the page’s elements from the server for viewing. Even though HTML code can be scooped up pretty quickly, multimedia such as images and videos take time.

Properly optimized images require specified dimensions and alt tags; otherwise, they could downgrade the site’s SEO. Free-size pictures could take up the entire page, depending on the device in use. Without alt tags, unloaded images would be a menace to understand for users, significantly visually impaired ones. Best SEO agency in US can help you do that efficiently.

Often videos are embedded into a page using an external hosting platform such as YouTube. Not only does the existence of third-party code take a toll on load speed, but it also makes the site susceptible to bug attacks.

These, in addition to large JavaScript files for dynamic design, can transform visually aesthetic pages into the user’s nightmare. Failure to load, unsupported file formats, and missing alt text may force them to return to the SERPs and vow never to revisit the site. 

To avoid such a conundrum, be cautious in your multimedia usage. Include adequately optimized images, short and useful videos, and minimized JavaScript to keep your site running swiftly.

Working these strategies into your digital marketing plan is likely to boost organic traffic sooner rather than later because they follow the good, old SEO mantra: The user is king. And it doesn’t end here. A simple change in perspective from software-centric to customer-centric could change the shape of your online presence entirely.

How can GoDigital World help you?

We know that SEO isn’t a piece of cake, especially for those aspirational webmasters with brilliant ideas but little prior experience in the digital marketing realm.

We are here to help.

At GoDigital World, being the outclass SEO agency in US, we provide professional search engine optimization services to businesses worldwide due to our access to remote and local experts.

Our primary focus is on ensuring that each client’s unique value shines through. For that purpose, we conduct extensive industry and customer research to familiarize ourselves with their requirements and create a meticulous site optimization plan to implement.

Our SEO agency in US has On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO experts working cohesively to implement a result-driven side-wide strategy. No optimization opportunities are left unnoticed.

That means that your site will have a keyword-rich copy backed with thorough research, high-quality links, and the right kind of media to capture and keep their attention.

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